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Week 1 for Bright Futures





Week 1 for Bright Futures .

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Our first week in business has been very exciting and busy!  On June 1,  I spread an array of papers and books all over the kitchen table in preparation for Nikki, an Occupational Therapy Clinical Doctoral intern from Washington University, who will work with us over the summer. We mapped out a plan of action to connect with as many agencies and professionals as possible in the west St. Louis area, who have services to offer our future clients and who might be interested in telling people about Bright Futures. On Day 2 we had our first meeting with a mom and her young adult son, and we decided on a few things that we can help with: transportation, career development, and more friends. Great goals!  The third day, the phone started ringing… a lot. A number of parents had heard about Bright Futures through a local practice that serves adolescents and children needing help with social skills and connecting with their communities. These families have had difficulty locating services for their young adult children, and were delighted to discover a new source of help. We have been arranging initial consultation meetings, and our calendar has filled up nicely… all signs indicate that Bright Futures has a bright future!