Start Your Journey to Independence with an Initial Consultation

I focus on you. Your hopes and dreams are the driving force behind our occupational therapy interventions. That’s why I offer an initial consultation and flexible options that will help us tailor a personalized transitional solution just for you.

Your Occupational Planning Options

Every solution is just as unique as you are. I will review your needs, wants and dreams to give us insight into what will be the most effective course of action for you and your family.

When your transitional services are outlined and optimized, I play directly to your strengths, and I aim to develop solutions that you are truly happy and excited about. Although I will happily guide and support you on your transitional journey, you will ultimately be independent and will continue to grow well beyond the therapy. I am invested in long-term, durable solutions that are tailored for where you’re going and who you want to be, rather than evaluating past failures or personal deficits.

I understand that your situation can change. In fact, I expect it to. Sometimes these changes can be anticipated, when in other cases they’re a complete surprise. In either situation, Bright Futures is here to help you consider current and future goals as part of steps in achieving your dreams. Because I believe in you, I can continue to work with you until your goals are realized.

Create and Develop Personalized Options and Opportunities.

I work for individuals and families. Because I'm not required to serve large caseloads of people, like public services, each client has my full and complete attention. That means I spend time thinking about you and working directly with you to tailor solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs and personality.

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I Participate in Valued Activities Alongside Our Clients.

As a professional occupational therapist, I understand the value of learning by doing. Not only will I help you determine which activities and environments are best for your personal growth, but I will also participate in the activity with you.

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Coach and Support Parents of Young Adults with Special Needs.

As a parent or guardian, your love and concern for your children will never fade regardless of any challenges that arise.

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Advocate for Your Best-Fit Services.

Sometimes finding and gaining the right service for your unique needs is more challenging than expected.

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