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I Already Have a Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist:  How Does Bright Futures Fit In?



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I Already Have a Therapist and/or a Psychiatrist: How Does Bright Futures Fit In? .

 A lot of clients are already working with mental health professionals when they come to Bright Futures.   They (and sometimes their psychotherapists) wonder why they need another professional, and whether my work will duplicate or interfere with that of their doctor or counselor. These are good questions!

Bright Futures is an occupational therapy practice, and as such we compliment and boost the work that you are already doing with other mental health practitioners. OT is all about doing the tasks and activities that you value and need to do.

A psychiatrist specializes in identifying medical conditions and psychiatric problems, and providing the medical care, like medications and other treatments. A psychologist or social worker may also diagnose mental health disorders, may perform evaluations to better understand thinking, emotional, and behavioral patterns, and may counsel and teach you better ways to cope with your problems. Counselors and psychotherapists also work with you to improve your self-awareness and learn better ways of coping and relating to others. Your sessions with these professionals will likely occur in an office setting, for a pre-set number of hours each week or several weeks.

At Bright Futures, your occupational therapist (OT) works with you to learn and practice skills in the actual times and places that you will use them. So, for example, if you want to have a job, but have been unable to establish a waking/sleeping pattern that is needed to get up and go to work, your OT will help you to incrementally change your schedule toward a more functional pattern. If you have been unable to locate and apply to positions that are a fit, your OT will work with you to identify jobs that interest you, and help you to apply to them.

Your sessions may sometimes occur at our office, but most of the time we meet with clients at their homes, and then we drive out into the community to learn about jobs of interest first-hand, go to informational meetings, check out an academic program and grab lunch or a snack as we talk about what you have learned and what you want to try next. Every session will be something that you want to do, giving you reasons to get up and get going. We can even help you to plan out some activities to do between sessions, help you to organize your daily self-care and medications routines, and assist with organizing your schedule and home environment!

Most people would not be ready to engage in this level of effort without the care and teaching of their doctors and other therapists. On the other hand, Bright Futures provides that last bit of assistance and real-life experience needed to translate your office-based work into a fulfilling lifestyle.

Would you like to learn how Bright Futures can help you or a loved one to achieve a better life? I’d love to chat with you!

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