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Feeling Needed .

Last Friday as I reflected on my work-week, I realized, “I feel needed, and that is terrific!” Right now I am helping several clients as they locate, apply to, and interview for potential jobs. I have someone adjusting to his first independent apartment and new personal assistants, and another adjusting to a new job. It’s satisfying to have ways to support their efforts and development, and to have their trust as they take the risks that are part of every new endeavor.

I recognize that our clients, likewise, have a need to be important and needed. They are all integral members of their families, but they will thrive even more when they are valued friends and colleagues. I love seeing the light in someone’s eyes when they are warmly greeted by pals at their workplace or a social event. The joy of hearing somebody say, “Where have you been? We missed you!” or “You’re coming next week, right?” is priceless. Better yet, “We need you… will you help?”

Enjoying the emotional high of belonging and feeling needed requires first making the effort and taking the risks to reach out to others and try new activities, places, and people. This is scary, especially if you have had a lot of failed efforts or rejection, but people can muster great courage and strength when given the right support and opportunities.


    08 Nov 2015

    Thanks for stopping by, john– I’d love to Know more about Your community project. Does it involve activities for people with disabilities?