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Contribute to the Greater Good .

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People with disabilities have talents and skills that could contribute greatly to the workplace and community, and many long for opportunities to contribute and be a part of the action.  As an occupational therapist, I know that human beings need to engage in personally meaningful activities in order to be healthy and happy. While not everyone can or should engage in traditional full-time “jobs”, everyone should have routine opportunities to do things that:

  • contribute to the greater good
  • result accomplishment and personal development
  • bring them into the larger community as a contributing and valued member.

Such opportunities might include assisting with tasks in the home, volunteer work, part-time supported or competitive employment, fulltime employment, or attending training and education to enter a trade or career.

At Bright Futures, we endeavor to help clients explore options and determine their “heart’s desire”, or the essence of what they would like to do, where they wish to do it, and with whom. Then we get to work to develop opportunities that meet those criteria, and support clients as they explore and evaluate the goodness-of-fit, until success is achieved. We feel that this can only occur with individualized service, provided at the time the client and his or her family feel ready to engage in the transition process.