The core principles of Bright Futures revolve around you. Our primary goal as occupational therapists is to help you achieve the life and the personal growth that you want. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in helping those who wish to develop a full and active life find their path, the professionals at Bright Futures believe that help is the most effective when it’s family-centered and respectful of the needs of those involved.


I feel as though I have invented the best job I have ever had; I get to spend my days doing interesting activities with people whom I like and admire, and to share in their excitement as they achieve lifestyles that bring them joy and a sense of worth.

Dr. Debora Davidson has over three decades of professional experience as an occupational therapist, and offers a uniquely effective approach to helping people with developmental and mental health problems achieve satisfying lifestyles, careers and social connections.

Dr. Davidson is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, Boston University, and Saint Louis University. Bright Futures is the culmination of Debora’s occupational therapy practice in a variety of mental health and school settings, as well as 20 years as a college professor and scholar in nationally recognized programs such as Washington University and Saint Louis University. Experience as the mother of two adult daughters has also contributed to her philosophy and practice.

Dr. Davidson is nationally recognized as a leader in transition planning for young adults with special needs. Over the past five years Bright Futures has been presented at national and international professional conferences and described in numerous OT publications. Dr. Davidson provides a unique occupational therapy approach for clients whose lives have become “stuck” and achieves results where counseling, psychiatry, and educational strategies alone have been unsuccessful. She also helps adolescent clients who want to design a smooth transition from high school into college or work. With all clients, Debora uses her expertise as an occupational therapist to match clients with tasks that provide a just-right level of challenge, and environments that provide just-right supports and opportunities.

Bright Futures was launched in St. Louis in 2011, and since then has dramatically improved the lives of many who had given up hope of having satisfying careers or healthy, independent lifestyles. Bright Futures supports young people to reach for the lives they want and deserve through a process of guided exploration and discovery, skills development, and establishing goodness-of-fit with available opportunities.

Bright Futures is Relocating to Denver: Dr. Davidson and her husband, Ken Bolyard are moving to the Denver area in the summer of 2020 to be near family and pursue their bright future as new grandparents. Debora plans to start working with clients in the Denver area early in 2023.


Bright Futures Founder

Presentations about Bright Futures

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