Find Out What People Are Saying About Bright Futures

We pride ourselves on the personal and hands-on care that we provide to individuals with unique personal challenges. Don’t take it from us, hear it directly from people like you!

“My son Eric, who will be turning 18 next month and has a developmental disability, has increased his independence skills since working with Debora from Bright Futures. Debora listened carefully to our needs and executed a plan that worked for our family! Eric is looking forward to a “Bright Future”! Thank you Debora!”

-LK (Parent)

“Just 3 months ago, [our son] had no direction in his life. He was taking classes at the community college but did not know what he wanted to do. I had come up with many suggestions but he was stuck. I couldn’t help him and as he was 24, he needed to do this without his mother! When you did the career assessment with him, he was very pleased to have scored high in two areas. It gave him confidence that he could have a career. The informational interviews helped him see some jobs up close. He has decided to go to Ranken Tech full-time in Automotive Technology. Both of us feel good about his decision. I am happy that you helped him get to this decision and that I got to observe the process instead of trying to “push the train”. Thank you for helping him find the motivation and the tools he needed to get his career started.”

-NS (Parent)

“…they will help you right away. They will take you right to the place. I mean go with you to see. If you are interested in art, they might take you to the Art Museum at Forest Park. If you are interested in teaching, they will take you to the schools to see what it might be like to work with early childhood education.”

“If I could add another thing, it would be to say anybody who is having trouble accomplishing their goals …it can happen sooner than you think.”

-JG (Client, 26 Years Old)

“Debora has a list of skills to get people going. She did some cooking with him and that made it easier for him to talk and that is a useful skill and he seems to enjoy it. She also helped him get organized. She bought him an appointment book. The organization helped get him out the door.”

-JT (Parent)

“I knew I wanted to help people. Basically Debora got me to that point of interviewing. Of course Debora helped me prepare for the interview. She helped me learn about the school and pick out an outfit.”

“I love my job. That’s pretty huge to say after 8 weeks.”

-LVD (Client, 30 Years Old)

“You know you are dealing with a professional who knows the pathway. I would give her name freely to others. We couldn’t get the personal attention before. It’s like having a personal coach.”

-RB (Parent)