Support For Parents
Support For Parents

Coach and Support Parents of Young Adults with Special Needs

As a parent or guardian, your love and concern for your children will never fade regardless of any challenges that arise.

Everyone has a natural drive for personal independence, and you can feel their pain when your child’s need for achievement, friends, or personal freedom are frustrated. Parents and guardians can often feel frightened, guilty, uncertain or exhausted in the face of such distress.

We understand and are here to guide and support you as your son or daughter explores new activities and roles. As your son or daughter becomes increasingly independent and confident in their future, you will also gain more personal freedom and an intense sense of pride.

05 Jun

A Time of Transition

Debora Davidson // Autism Services
14 Jan

Achieving Escape Velocity

Debora Davidson // Autism Services
06 Dec

I Need to Vent

Debora Davidson // Occupational Therapy