Personalized Options
Personalized Options

Create and Develop Personalized Options and Opportunities.

The occupational therapists at Bright Futures work for individuals and families.

Because I'm not required to serve large caseloads of people, like public services, each client has my full and complete attention. That means I spend time thinking about you and working directly with you to tailor solutions that are a perfect fit for your needs and personality.

Examples of activities that we have helped clients to initiate include:

  • Initiating and completing academic degrees or certificates.
  • Obtaining paid employment positions.
  • Leading their IEP/transition planning team meetings in high school.
  • Cooking meals for family and friends.
  • Successfully living independently of parents or guardians.
  • Managing personal finances and budgets.
  • Safely staying at home independently for short or long periods of time.
  • Participating in creative arts activities at home and in the community.
  • Locating and accessing quality doctors, mental health care providers, and academic tutors.
  • Developing friendships and having fun activities to do with others.
  • Engaging in volunteer roles that are meaningful and enjoyable.
  • Participating in great group activities such as meetup groups or summer camp.

I will always be respectful of your needs, and will help you make decisions and select strategies to move things forward.

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