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It’s All About Doing Part 2:  A Few Fast Facts



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It’s All About Doing Part 2: A Few Fast Facts .

OK, by now my theme is apparent: I am obsessed with “doing”. Of course I am… I am an OT, and that’s how we roll. So today I want to share a little more about the importance and power of doing.

Fast Fact #1: What you do (and don’t do) results in structural sculpting of your brain.

Yes, neuroscience has matured to the point that we now know that our brains are continuously revising to meet the needs of the body. If you keep active and challenge yourself with new movements, skills, and experiences, your brain will develop more connections to meet the need. If your actions are consistently repetitive, your brain will grow progressively less complex. Take –away: Keep busy and try new things… you never know when you’ll need those additional brain cells!

Fast Fact #2: The things we do also shape our social worlds.

People mingle and create friendships over work, volunteering, worship, and recreation. Admitting that you spend a lot of time doing very little is an embarrassment and results in short conversations. Not to mention that doing things is often how we meet and relate to others, in the first place. Take-away: Keep busy and get connected.

Fast Fact #3: What you do and do not do affects your mental health.

I am not about to say that anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are caused by unhealthy habits of activity. I will say that these illnesses almost always include disruptions of daily habits and routines, and that people who are struggling to get and stay well will be helped by establishing a good balance of sleep, work, and recreational activities. Take-away: A balance of personally valued activities and routines will help with healing and wellness.

These are just a few of the reasons that I focus my energies on helping people to do more and better.
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