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Creative self-expression through the production of art in all of its forms is a human need. Art can provide a means for many people who have been categorized as “disabled” to share their feelings and ideas in ways that transcend more everyday means of communication.

The Turner Center for the Arts, in the Maplewood neighborhood of St. Louis, has proven to be a great resource for some Bright Futures clients, and I wanted to share the link and encourage readers of our blog to look at the website I encourage taking a visit to the studios, which offer a welcoming, supportive, laid-back place to engage with media such as: paints, ceramics, collage, jewelry-making, and more.

An NBC News story on the Oakland Creative Growth Center is also worth a view, as it is inspiring and well done. It highlights a center that helps participants explore various artistic media, and focuses on two artists with autism. They are both very successful at selling their work.

I was glad to see the focus on persons with intellectual disabilities as having potential and success, but then was reminded of a blog written by Jo Ann Simons, a parent, advocate and professional dedicated to improving the lives of and opportunities for persons with intellectual disabilities. She expresses concerns about news stories such as this one as promoting a sense that all success must translate into celebrity to be counted. We all, she says, have limitations that we need to accept, and personal successes that won’t make the news but are worthy of celebration.

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